Presense of the store


Material Supplied by the TenFu Group

We select and use various natural materials provided by the Tenfu Group that uses an extensive traceability system.

Steady Supply Chain Operations

We have our own factories to supply raw materials, ensuring a professional supply chain with high quality.

Professional and Independent R&D and Inspection Center

  • Zhangzhou Tiankang Testing Technology Co., Ltd belongs to the Tenfu Group. It is a certified third party testing company, which has a qualification certificate issued by the CMA, a national management commission of attestation supervision with independent corporate capacity.
  • The testing facility has 11 professional labs and over 20 professional inspection and ancillary equipment, among are 5 cutting-edge detecting instruments. They enable the company to meet the detection of pesticide residue, rare earth and heavy metal of tea leaves and other foods. Detection of each batch of raw materials precisely and timely ensures Funnew Spot’s consumers’ rights and interests.